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About Barbara

 My Journey 

I am Barbara Connolly, a clothing and textile designer with

in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and retailing of fashion. I have worked in the international clothing industry for 30+ years.
 Following the reports from UN Climate Change Summit in 2020 / 2021.There is a real urgency for  change in the quantity of textiles being consumed and discarded. I have spent two years exploring the subject of fast fashion and how it works. I studied the ever-growing negative effect that the fast fashion industry has on our environment and the shocking social impact on garment workers. 

I had spent my life in this industry and was saddened to see how my industry was impacting the environment and how the people that make our clothing are treated. 

 It is not widely known that fashion is the second biggest creator of emissions after oil.

I know the only way to stop the environmental impact is through education and mindful consumption. I am on a mission to do my bit to support the planet's recovery and to save lives and make a difference for generations to come.

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