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All our practical workshops are bespoke and are designed around the audience or participants.

From young children learning to sew for the first time to experienced crafters who need design and fitting advice to upcycle clothing they are not using. All tutors are trained clothing and textile designers and will have a creative solution for your textile dilemmas.

The 'Field to Fashion' talks will bring the audience through how the fashion industry worked before it became 

supercharged vast industry it is today. We also explore what actions we can all take to help the environment to rebalance and recover.


Upcycling Class


This workshop is designed to work for whatever  space you have. We can teach basic sewing skills by hand and learn how to sew buttons /four hole/shank/two hole- learn how to turn a hem. How to put elastic or drawstring through a channel. Make small accessories or toys from old textiles. Restyle your clothing so it fits and looks better.

We also have a longer workshop where we teach basic skills on a sewing machine.

We supply a number of machines or if you have your own bring it in we will teach you how to use all the features a sewing machine offers.

Please email and we can  design this course to suit your needs.

  • 1 hour - 2 hr class

  • Full Day Class 

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Field to Fashion Workshop

Field to Fashion

A one-hour workshop where we cover the following topics:


- A short history of how the fashion industry has changed over the past 20 years

- Environmental impact

- Short Video of life cycle of T-shirt[ 5 mins]

- Fun Quiz

- Laundry and textile care. Interaction with clothing samples and audience

- Vintage clothing, thrift, swop, hire,

- Upcycling

- New sustainable clothing collections

- New legislation from EU

- How to dispose of textiles

- Sustainable fibres being developed and used. Samples and discussion



The workshop is firstly to point out the impact and finally what action we can take to make the change.

 It’s informative, thought provoking and great fun and the feedback has been marvellous. Inspiring clubs and groups to hold swap shops and follow-on courses on upcycling which we also supply.

40 mins talk 

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Work Place & Club Talks 

Workplace and club talk 40 min duration…

This talk is an overview of the fashion Industry history to date. We explore the actions we must take to slow down the out of control consumption and disposal of textiles to landfill.

Ideal for audiences  -

40 min duration.

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