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Our Workshops are bespoke to our clients needs.

From secondary students who have never threaded a needle to experienced crafters who need some style and fitting advice to upcycle clothing they have never worn. 

Sewing Equipments
Sewing Equipments


We believe upcycling is a perfect  way to keep the textiles we own in the circular economy. Repurposing the fabric of the garment  making it a useful piece to be cherished, rather than trash in landfill or incineration.

Cutting Jeans

Mend & Tailor

Its widely known we only wear 20% of the clothing we own. We at Green Thread believe if we mend and re tailor our existing clothing . Our clothes will look better on us our clothes will fit and we will wear more often. We love to o pass on our knowledge at our fun workshops we teach how to mend and make simple alterations to your existing wardrobe.

Its all about using what we have and reducing the waste.

Cutting Jeans
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