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What a week to start blogging

This was a very exciting week.

Not just for me with my new website launching.

So excited to see designers and fabric buyers back in person at trade shows.

The10th Future Fabric Expo London is back. The show ran from the 27th - 29th June 2022.

Image The Sustainable Angle

Buyers could visit in person for the first time since 2020 and what a show it was.

Over the past ten years the developments in new fibres and sustainable production of fabric has grown exponentially.

Its fantastic to see the wide variety of vegetation now being used to create fabrics that we can be happy to wear. With the knowledge that we are not harming out beautiful planet in the process.

There was also a digital dimension to the show on the Future Fabrics VIRTUAL Expo platform.

The materials we use in garment production play a leading role in the effort to reduction of emissions by 2030.

Some of the innovations being shown by producers at Future Fabric Expo were fabric developed from orange juice by-product.. Leather alternatives made from pineapple and banana skin. Bamboo fabric as soft as silk. Faux Fur made from recycled silk. Lots of hemp woven into interesting fabric weaves and Ramie which I must admit I have a soft spot for. I love the dry handle of this cloth. I started wearing it back in the 90's when I purchased a blouse made in ramie. I will admit I had to research what it was at the time and I am still wearing the blouse. I can guarantee this fibre will last if cared for correctly.

Seacell[TM] is another fibre I am not familiar with however its made from seaweed. I will be researching this and I will post in my next blog. I will be finding out all about the new fibres we will be wearing in the future and how they must be cared for.

No longer will we be wearing synthetics like polyester and nylon as these fibres take hundred of years to break down and have a huge environmental impact from production to disposal.

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